Due to the Corona epidemic, and the restrictions it brought on us, we are unable to bring groups of Palestinians from the West Bank. We therefore decided - just for this year - to bring groups of children and mothers from the Unrecognized Villages in the Negev instead.

The unrecognized villages are about 35 villages, which the State of Israel does not recognize and refer to as "diaspora" or "illegal villages". Among these villages are historic villages, villages that existed long before the establishment of the State of Israel, and villages, which were uprooted by the state from their place of residence during the 1950s and moved into the "Siaj"(restriction zone). The state does not recognize any of these localities, nor the historic villages nor those displaced by it. 
We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with this repressed population and are currently getting ready for the season.
Please join us at your convenience. We plan 15 days between 17.7.2020 – 17.8.2020, every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
At the request of the women activists, we agreed, because of cultural issues, that the team accompanying the groups at sea should consist of women only. We apologize to our many wonderful male volunteers who used to join us every year.
"A day at sea includes swimming at sea, followed by lunch and a variety of artistic and social activities at the Rabita Center in Jaffa, which welcomes us for free.
The cost of one day for a child is NIS 150: which includes transportation from the villages to Tel Aviv and back, meals and equipment for the sea as well as for the creativity materials.
We urge you to donate to this project so that we can carry out the program according to schedule.